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Brewhouse Blog 7- The Birth of Gilt Edge

Many folk might think that the trend for citrus flavoured beers made with high alpha American hop varieties is a new thing as there has been a veritable explosion of this beer type in recent years. Indeed, I’ve been into pubs with 5 hand pumps or more and every one has had a beer with cascade or citra hops in it and all tasting to a variable degree of grapefruit juice – and some even looking like it. It’s called more choice. Well, back in the mid 1990’s at our local, The Old Crown, Uley we were able to drink cascade hopped beers courtesy of the very fine Durham Brewery in an informal exchange programme where we sent Uley beers

to the Fox and Goose in Yorkshire and they sent Durham beers down to us in Uley. And very fine they were too. White Sapphire was a personal favourite. I never dreamed that this flavour profile would, years later, become the norm as brewers make beer ever ‘hotter’ in a desire to re-invent the wheel.