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BrewHouse Blog 6

How many times have we seen this? Man walks in to a pub (and it is invariably a bloke) and orders a pint from a hand pump, and what does he do first? Holds it up to the light to make sure that it’s as clear and bright as a mountain stream. Should the beer have a haze on it he’ll invariably sling it back over the bar mumbling that “It’s not right”. Brewers use finings to make beer bright. Here at Uley we use the highest quality Isinglass finings. We have to as, being traditional brewers we transfer straight from the fermenter to cask for ‘cask conditioning’. Most breweries use large conditioning tanks these days but here there simply is not the room for that on our site. And yes, we expect our beers to be clear and bright at point of sale.

But the situation has become somewhat muddied (do you see what I did there?) in recent times with the wide proliferation of ‘unfiltered’ beer ie unfined and ‘naturally cloudy’. There’s nothing wrong with this of course. Some argue that you get the full flavour and benefit of all the ingredients which is a wonderful way to market beers that are like the Missouri River: “Too thick to drink, too thin to plough”. What unfiltered means is that the yeast