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Brewers Blog - Pigor Mortis

Ken Discusses brewing of Pigor Mortis

The brewing wheel turns a little more and the year cycle takes us to the annual brewing of the Christmas Special. The tradition here, as at most breweries, is to brew something dark and strong: 6% abv + and seemingly designed for those folk who wish to forget about Christmas altogether! Which given the situation and peculiar times we are in this year might not be such a bad thing.

Now, invariably when you see film of brewers working, they are pictured stirring a mash because it looks good on camera and seems important. I was taught however that if you have to stir a mash then you’ve made a mistake in the first place by getting the flow wrong as you mix the liquor (in our case spring water) and the grain. (malted barley). “You should never stir a mash!” I was told in no uncertain terms.