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Looking After Our Beer

​We choose the following forms of packaging as we believe our beer is best served fresh for the most pub-like experience.

The 5L mini cans are small tins and our 10L and 20L sizes are both bag in a box. All our packaging is fully recyclable. Unfortunately, you cannot return empty containers to the brewery.

Our beer is packaged when bright meaning it is ready to drink from the moment of collection. We check the quality of our beers every day before dispensing it into packaging.

In an ideal world all our beer would be kept at 11-13 degrees. However, anywhere between 4-13 degrees will help the beer maintain its shelf life. Unopened the beer will last 2 weeks when kept at the right temperature. Once opened we recommend you drink it within 3-4 days and to close the top vent when not in use.

At cooler temperatures you may get a chill haze but the beer will still taste great. Any hotter than 13 degrees and you will drastically reduce the shelf life on your beautiful beer.

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