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The Uley Team

Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks
Managing Director

In 1987 Martin helped start a group that ran pubs in Bath, Bristol and Poole.

Uley was one of the best selling beers, so has had an association with the brewery for 30 years. The pubs were all sold off by 2004, and he concentrated on Project Management in London.

He married Rosa Wright and became involved in the running of the brewery in 2018.

Ken Lush

Ken Lush
Head Brewer

Ken arrived in Uley in 1993 to become Artistic Director of the Prema Art Centrte on a 14 month contract. Following work on his first day, he went to the local pub, the Old Crown in Uley, and after sampling a few Uley beers, thought to himself "Why leave paradise?!"

So Ken literally made a decision about his future based on Uley Bitter. Three years later in 1996, he started work at the Brewery, and became Head Brewer in 2003. He was subsequently formerly trained at Brewlab, Sunderland University.

He continues with the Brewery tradition of mixing beer with music, and performs in many local bands.

Stu Crawshaw

Stu Crawshaw
Sales & Marketing, Admin, Assistant Brewer

Stu officially started at the Brewery in 2005 and was immediately trained as a brewer by Ken while still continuing to run his IT business. These skills were then easily applied to the admin side of the Brewery business, and continue to this day.

In late 2018 following Chas's retirement, Stu began to spend more time on the road, dealing chiefly with Customer Liaison and Business Development. He still brews occasionally, covering Ken.

Jody Veale

Jody Veale

Jody started at the brewery in 2003, initially trained as a brewer but prefers to be out on the road. He is loved by many of our customers as a true Gloucestershire 'Son of the Soil'!

He became full-time drayman in 2005 when Stu arrived on the scene.

Jody is also a well known musician, and was inspired by Chas to take up the button accordion & is legendary for his self-penned comic songs about Gloucestershire life.

Dave Wright

Dave Wright
Brewery Assistant

Dave, Chas's son, started at the Brewery in 2017 doing general brewery work and occasional deliveries. He also provides additional design input, and is passionate about the brewery image, brand, and how it is perceived.

Iain Perkins

Iain Perkins
Sales & Marketing Manager

Iain was dragged off Crantock Beach in Cornwall where he lives, halting his attempts to stop working and joined the Brewery in October 2018.

The combination of persuasive words from Martin Brooks, who he had first met when playing together at Wasps in the 80's, and the quality of Uley Beer and its historic Brewery, proved too good, and with a history of 15 years of Sales Management at Xerox UK and 15 years in Hospitality, he came on board to help with sales.

He works two days a week in Gloucestershire and is quickly falling in love with the countryside and Pubs in the numerous villages, vales and valleys.

Most of his spare time is spent surfing, Gig Rowing, walking the coast path, watching rugby and singing in a local Shanty Group ... often in the Pub!!

The Family

Chas Wright

Chas Wright
Brewery Founder, Non-Executive Chairman

Chas founded the Brewery in 1995 having spent the previous year fabricating and fitting out the disused premises on the original site of Uley Brewery. The first beer was brewed on 1st March 1985 and since then the Brewery's reputation has grown from strength to strength.

Chas is a legend in many pubs throughout Gloucestershire and beyond, regaling folk with his stories and songs, often accompanying himself on concertina, melodeon or button accordion.

Chas took retirement in September 2018 on his 70th Birthday, but remains Non-executive Chairman. He now spends much of his time relaxing in many of the local pubs!

Mary Wright

Mary Wright
Brewery Founder, Shareholder

Mary, as Chas's wife, was instrumental in the establishment and early success of the Brewery, and still takes an active interest as a senior Board member, in many outside events in which the Brewery is involved.

Mary spends a lot of her time in charitable endeavours, in partivular Patchwork RDA and Open Door.

Rosa Brooks

Rosa Brooks

Rosa is Chas's daughter and from the age of 15 has always taken an active interest in Brewery development. She is particularly good at liaison and hospitality. Now married to Martin (the MD), and a full-time mum, she maintains a presence in many Brewery affairs. She also runs her own make-up business in Tetbury.

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Uley Brewery is a Grade 2 Listed Building, built into the flanks of Uley Bury, and is a traditional tower brewery. It was built by Samuel Price in 1833 on the site of the lower village spring outlet.

Brewing and malting continued under the aegis of the Price family and later the Ayliffe family until the collapse of the woollen trade at the end of the 19th Century.

The brewhouse, maltings and cellars then had many uses, mainly agricultural; in the 1930's. The old premises were restored and Uley Brewery was reopened by Chas Wright on March 1st 1985.

The next 30 years saw a big growth in sales at Uley Brewery, then in September 2018 on his 70th birthday, Chas gradually eased into retirement and his son-in-law, Martin Brooks became the new Managing Director.

The Brewing & pub trade has changed a great deal since 1985 with far more breweries and sadly a lot less pubs, so under the guidance of Martin, we aim to get our traditional products into many more local pubs.

We are Genuine Cotswold Brewers.


Uley Brewery

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Uley Bitter (4.0%)
Laurie Lee's Bitter (4.5%)
Pigs Ear (5.0%)
Old Spot (5.0%)
Old Ric (4.5%)

Gilt Edge (4.5%) - May
Hogshead (3.5%) - June
Severn Boar (6.0%) - Aug
Harvest Special (4%)-Sep
Pigor Mortis (6.0%) - Dec

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