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Uley Brewery History

In Brief ...

Uley Brewery was built in 1833 by Samuel Price - a traditional tower brewery built into the flanks of Uley Bury. We are very fortunate to source from our own natural Cotswold Spring. From the 1930s, the buildings had many uses, until 1984 when Chas Wright restored the old premises and Uley Brewery was reopened on March 1st 1985.

In a Little More Detail ...

Uley Brewery is a Grade 2 Listed Building, a traditional tower brewery built into the flanks of Uley Bury. It was built by Samuel Price in 1833 during the reign of William IV, on the site of the lower village spring outlet. There was a great demand for beer in Uley; the valley bottom was full of woollen mills, a dusty thirsty trade, and a map of 1840 shows thirteen beerhouses in the village.

The Victorian Brewery at Uley

Brewing and malting continued under the aegis of the Price family and later the Ayliffe family until the collapse of the woollen trade at the end of the 19th Century.

The brewhouse, maltings and cellars then had many uses, mainly agricultural; in the 1930's they became the kennels of the Kingscote Hunt. These old premises reverted to farm buildings after the war, and slumbered on until 1984, when Chas Wright, a local Beer Wholesaler, was given the opportunity to re-open the brewery. Most of the stainless vessels were designed by Chas, and fabricated locally. After a winter of building and re-fitting the first pint of Uley Bitter was brewed on March 1st 1985.

The Uley Brewing Process

Malted Maris Otter Barley is delivered to the malt store on the top floor at the rear of the brewhouse and is dropped into the Mash Tun with heated water, or liquor, which we have the advantage of sourcing from our own natural Cotswold Spring. Liquor is the greatest part of beer, both in quality and quantity.

The resultant wort is run off from the mash tun into a gas-fired copper, and boiled with Herefordshire Goldings, Fuggles and other Traditional Hops. The wort is then cooled and collected in fermentation vessels, yeast is pitched, and after around seven days primary fermentation the finished beer is racked into casks and rolled into our vaulted cellar for conditioning.

No sugar or additives are used.

For more information on the Uley Brewing Process, click here.

We are Genuine Cotswold Brewers.


Uley Brewery

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Uley Brewery Ltd
The Old Brewery
31 The Street
GL11 4NX

TEL: 01453 860 120

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Mon-Fri:   9:00-2:30pm
Sat:         9:00-10:00am
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Uley Bitter (4.0%)
Laurie Lee's Bitter (4.5%)
Pigs Ear (5.0%)
Old Spot (5.0%)
Old Ric (4.5%)

Gilt Edge (4.5%) - May
Hogshead (3.5%) - June
Severn Boar (6.0%) - Aug
Harvest Special (4%)-Sep
Pigor Mortis (6.0%) - Dec

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